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E N G I N E E R E D    C O N C R E T E     M A S O N R Y     U N I T S    ( E C M U )

Introduction :

Established in the year 1985, with objectives of introducing a high quality construction product, Aeon's has since grown to become a path maker in the construction industry in India. "ECMU" was introduced in India by Aeon's.

Aeon's consistent efforts and regular R & D work continues to provide high quality and innovative solutions to the construction industry.

About ECMU :
® Engineered Concrete Masonry Units (ECMUs) are hollow and solid blocks used for a variety of industrial/residential applications replacing the burnt clay bricks. ECMUs cover a range of basic structural elements such as walls, columns, pilasters, beams, lintels and retaining walls. The units are manufactured in a variety of structural grades, facade designs, textures, colours, shapes and sizes.

What is SAP?

® (Structural, Architectural & Pre Engineered) is an innovative Engineered Concrete Masonry Unit (ECMUs), a modular construction product used as primary construction material for all kinds of buildings. SAP is an advanced construction product that altogether eliminates the need to use bricks and helps you build to international standards and style. It is the outcome of extensive research in USA to satisfy demands of the construction industry. ECMU as a premium product has in a short span of time edged out most of the conventional building products and constitute more than 80% usage of construction in USA and other advanced countries.

® satisfies ECMU needs of varying applications in the construction industry such as structural soundness, versatility, architectural freedom and aesthetics, ease and speed of construction, durability, performance standards, style, living comfort and economy.

The Technology

® is a high technology product manufactured under strict quality control conditions in a modern plant equipped with state of art machinery that includes rugged casting and stripping machines with the latest moulding techniques. This kind of technology provides for control of following parameters of the product while under manufacture as per the requirements of the customer:

Size Form Strength Facade Design Texture
Colour Fire rating Shapes Thermal Acoustic Properties

The strength and properties of SAP are achieved by a judicious interplay of choices of aggregates, mix proportion, water cement ratio, feed and finish time and so on. Designed mix is accurately weigh batched and concrete mix of required consistency is obtained. The blocks are cast in the block making machines by simultaneous vibration and compaction. Thus SAP can be tailor made to suit any construction requirements.


® is a structural medium, which offers the structural, engineer two attractive features, namely structural strength and structural form. The structural strength of SAP Units range from 150 to 300 Kg/cm2 or higher on flange area in compression. The strength can be further supplemented by grouting the cores with concrete and nominal reinforcing steel, where required.

® has a high strength/weight ratio of about 4 to 6 times that of burnt clay bricks. This helps the designer to design stronger yet economical structures.

The structural form of SAP units cover the range of the basic structural elements viz. walls, columns, pilasters, beams and lintels.


® is an architectural medium. It provides the architect aesthetics with built in functions, thereby eliminating the need to specify a separate medium for finishes and rendering. SAP is available in various colors, textures and facade designs. Plain, Single scored, tri-scored, fluted, split fluted, striface, split face, shot blasted are some of the facade designs available.

® also obviates the need to specify a separate medium for functional requirements as SAP has built in characteristic of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fire resistance and resistance to weathering.


® is a Pre-Engineered modular construction unit, which can be pre-engineered to meet varied requirements of Engineers, Architects, Builders and Customers to suit their specific requirements. SAP provides for neat concealment of electro mechanical services and plumbing integration. This gives virtually infinite design possibilities and freedom of expression.


Size (mm)

Length Breadth Height Solid Hollow
390 190 190 Yes Yes
190 190 190 No Yes
390 140 190 Yes Yes
190 140 190 No Yes
390 90 190 Yes Yes


The loads from the slab are distributed on the walls fairly uniformly. This is achieved by making the top-most row of the blocks below the slab into a solid portion, integral with the main slab by using U-shaped blocks, specially manufactured for this purpose. Horizontal loads such as wind loads are resisted in the usual manner by treating the slab as a diaphragm and by reinforcing the walls at regular intervals in the transverse direction. Where there is no eccentric loading, the load carrying capacity of a wall constructed using ECMU is calculated using the following formula.

P=Cmxkx(FmxAb+Kc+Fc/1.3) x Ac+FsyxAs)

Cm = Capacity reduction factor of design strength of reinforced masonry
(0.45 for plain Masonry).
K = Reduction factor for slenderness and eccentricity. (0.763 for 3m
F'm = Characteristic compressive strength of masonry specimens (11.44
Mp2 for M30 and 9.36 for M20).
Ab = Bedded area of masonry cross section (64000
Kc = Factor for grout in compression.
Fc = Characteristic compressive cylinder strength of grout.
Ac = Total area of grouting in the cross section.
Fsy = Characteristic strength of reinforcement.
Ast = Cross sectional area of main reinforcement in reinforced masonry member.


Construction with ECMU is economical than conventional building construction due to reduction in quantity of steel, elimination of external plastering, reduction in cement mortar quantity and reduction in time to complete the structure. Savings of upto 15% (approximately) compared to bricks has been achieved using ECMU's Economy derived in using ECMU's when used for load bearing applications, the savings are observed to be more than 20% due to reduction in steel consumed by 40%, lower site over heads and reduced other direct and indirect costs.

F A C A D E   D E S I G N S :
Plain Single Scored Tri Scored Fluted
Split Fluted Stri face Split face Shot blasted



Regular Corner Column U Blocks Half Blocks


Various colours as required.

T E S T I N G   S T A N D A R D